Many Clients and Practitioners have been compelled to share their experience, and success stories through Bowen Therapy.

“Bowen has changed my life. Strong words, but very true. After several years of going to various practitioners and having numerable treatments to solve shoulder, sacroiliac and knee pain, I finally found Bowen therapy. I now live virtually pain free.

When I moved to Vancouver Island, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a therapist in Nanaimo, but thankfully, I found Melanye Walker in Chemainus. She is fabulous. Thoroughly devoted to helping people, Melanye keeps up with her training and education for this non-invasive treatment.

If you suffer from chronic pain, I highly recommend Melanye, and Bowen Therapy.”

Bonnie C.

“I treated my little friend Sean for the second time (primaer enuresis). He is 7 years old and has never had a dry night. I treated him last week with BRM1 (moves 1+2) the mother covered the two holding points beside the spine, leg locked in, holding point and I did the Coccyx move from left to right, and that was it. I was touched when Sean told me: "no secrets anymore!!" 6 nights in a row dry for the first time in his life!!! This feeling blowed my mind! He was so serious and honest! At the same time he told me that there is another friend who would like to come over. That's so rewarding...”

"My best Bowen case is a gentleman of 36, retired from the army, with bulging discs in the cervical and lumbar spine, spinal stenosis of thoracic spine and cysts lining the erectors from T1-L2. I had been treating him with massage for 6 months with only temporary pain relief so I asked if he would be interested in being a case study for me, he said yes.

We did the first treatment and the pain decreased 50% with the cysts also decreasing a bit with BRM1, 2 and 3.

2nd treatment we did exactly the same thing cause at this time I only knew BRM1, 2, 3 and once again the next week his pain had gone completely for the week but if he moved wrong he would get a twinge in his low back as well the cysts were smaller.

3rd and final treatment cause he didn't need my help anymore after that we did BRM1, 2, 3 one more time, his back felt 100% better and I had trouble finding the cysts.

He came in at Christmas after not seeing me for 11 months and he's lost 50 lbs because he's been able to work out again, he has no pain what so ever, the cysts are gone, him and his girlfriend are expecting again and they're getting married.  I must say that is my best case."

Tricia Mcfarland, Kincardine ON

"I have had some phenomenal changes and experiences that have happened in these past 3 years, but what I've noticed is that if you start or do the body part of area that has been hurt/injured by any means, then I find I have great success with Bowen (unless you have no idea, especially if it has been a past experience tied to an emotional trauma, such as their birth).  I have seen this man 3 times, twice in December and once in January. From going over his case history, which took awhile, because he kept adding and adding things from previous injuries and such from his life time, that he sorubef his R ankle in August from playing racquetball at the gym. It wasn't a high degree, just mow degree that it hurt for a few days. Then in September, he had decided to train with his son, vigour/high intense strength and cardio exercises. He was doing great for about a month, but then his body started to get severely sore and pains in his body that he never had; like severe burning, itchy pains that started in his feet, legs and the his fingers and arms....then right in his neck and shoulder area. He was seeing doctor, chiropractor, massage therapists; pain medication for his symptoms as well. He eventually had to stop his activity because of all these pains. He heard of Bowen from another massage therapist that I know and she referred him. So I did BRM1, 2 and 3 with Kidney. The following week, the pains in his hands and feet, which were the most severe/intense, has diminished very well. Then I did his Hamstrings the following week. Then I didn't see him till after Christmas, and he was feeling great that hush neck and shoulders just hurt now, especially in his L neck/shoulder area, that he tried not taking his pain medication, but he still needs to. Then I went on to do Knee/Ankle, because of the recent injury and his neck/shoulders have always been there... WELL, once I hit the ankle portion of the knee and finished the ankle, he had such a reaction! So I just did the BRM1, 1 and 2, BRM2, 1 and 2, then Knee, Ankle and finished with BRM3. He had such a significant gait, posture and balance after walking back out, that he said he will see how this goes, but he had no more neck/shoulder pain that he came in with and he overall has felt so great!

Jenny Dreger, AB

"The story that comes to mind for me is of an 8 year old boy whose parents were concerned about his constant nightmares since the age of 2. It would take some time to get him settled down after one of them. He would wake up crying and sometimes screaming, but would never remember any of it in the morning. He was also sleep walking which was never remembered either, and wetting the bed. He could never go for sleep overs because of this. In every other way he was a perfectly healthy child, smart to the point of possibly skipping a grade, and very well mannered. His parents own a small farm and grew all their own vegetables, fruit, and meat. He ate very healthy. Junk food was never indulged in, and never wanted. They even had their own milk. The birth was normal with no known problems. Abuse was not an issue here. They lived 50 miles away over a steep mountain pass and this was early spring, still snowing on the pass. His first treatment consisted of BRM1, 2, 3 plus the Kidney procedure, in preparation for the bedwetting procedure the next week. I did Kidney to address the "fear" indicated by the nightmares.
The following 3 weeks the appointments were cancelled because of poor conditions over the pass. When I phoned to follow up, I was told that all 3 problems had resolved. The first night after treatment he had started to talk in his sleep, but there was no anxiety attached to it and it did not last long. It never happened again. The sleep walking and the bedwetting stopped also. He can now go for sleep overs with his friends without being afraid of wetting the bed.  I was amazed at these results. I believe the cause was some sort of an imbalance created during the birthing process. Who knows?  It just goes to show you how open and responsive children are to the Bowen. It never ceases to amaze me. I have worked on a lot of the members of this family, and word of mouth spread quickly to their friends. It was very good advertising for me."

Betsy Telford, Salmo, BC

"My best story is about a 14 year old boy who was very active in sports and was having knee problems. Both of them had been there for almost a year. He had seen a physiotherapist and had very short term benefits.  For the first appointment I did BRM1, Hamstrings, and the Knee procedure. Asked him not to do any sports but his Dad still had him do sports that week. He said he had felt better until he did the sports.
For the second appointment did the same procedure and stressed the need to avoid sports. The third appointment he came in saying he had cut down on the sports but did not give it up totally, but he felt significant improvement. He said 90% better. For that appointment I did BRM1, Pelvic, and Knee. The pelvic procedure had huge releases and muscle quivers.  It was very fun to see the muscles react in his legs and knee area. That was less than a week ago and have not seen back yet but so far had very effective results."

Sandi Melnychuk, Calgary

"One of my work colleagues was suffering from a sore right shoulder and stiff neck. She could only lift her arm to 80 degrees. Because of the lack of time and not having a table at work, I proceeded to work on her in a seated position. I did the Upper back stoppers, BRM3, Shoulder procedure and the West procedure. The next day, she said it still was hurting, but not as bad. But she still didn't have the greatest mobility. The following day, she said she didn't feel as much pain and she had more mobility in her neck and shoulder. It was quite visible that she had more movement. I was quite pleased to see such improvement without even doing the full BRMs! I was hoping to give her a proper session, but she had scheduled a massage to try to remedy the situation further."

Lorianne Lemoine, Chestermere, AB

"Best Bowen story: 55 year old man (my dear husband)....chronic lateral rotation of R. leg at the hip.... condition was 15 years + chronic... every 3 months needed a series of 3 - 4 massage therapy treatments to correct and then it would come back again... at the end of the first Bowen session he had ever experienced (and my first Bowen treatment I had ever given) the condition was completely resolved... has never returned and that treatment was done November 2009. BRM1, 2 & 3 only!."

Brenda Klarer, Regina, SK

“When I read your question about my best Bowen case, I was at a loss. For the nine years that I have been practicing Bowen, miracles follow miracles and wonders never cease!!! I have seen it all. Cancers disappear, babies’ turn, "incurable conditions" simply fade away. However I chose a case because all the doctors, the nurses and the naturopaths involved said it has never happened before.

In winter 2009, a neighbour of mine in his 70's told me he had a pain under the right rib and the doctor said it was a pulled muscle. I offered him Bowen but he said "no, pain is good for you it keeps you close to God". The weeks went by and the pain got worse. By the middle of April the pain was very bad and he developed fever and shaking all over his body. This time they send him to a hospital and they found out that he had liver cancer too far gone for treatment had already spread everywhere.

I started going to his house once a week for Bowen. In the beginning I gave him the Respiratory and the Additional Respiratory. The pain was gone completely. He started developing severe water retention. I would switch between Kidney, Sternal, TMJ and always the Respiratory and the Additional. I could see that he was getting worse and worse by the day but he had no pain or discomfort of any kind. As a matter of fact George had a heart trouble for many years and he was always in and out of the hospitals and now his cardiologist told him that he had never seen his heart so good.

In the end the water retention was too much to handle. I would give him Bowen and drain it and in a few hours it was back. His doctor decided to keep him in the hospital to drain it but after a week of failing, he was sent to palliative care. His wife refused and brought him home to die. At this point, I started visiting every day. Before I went I prayed to God to work through my hands and make the right moves to help George. He lived for 3 weeks. His doctors gave him bagfuls of prescription painkillers and morphine. He never even took an aspirin. To the day he died he was getting up, going to washroom even in the middle of the night, he showered, he saved, ate his meals with his family and had dozens of friends visiting to say good bye. He was all swollen and his skin was shinning yellow like a pepper. I could not even turn him any more. I put my hands wherever I was guided and prayed and made my moves. Every night I was going on my knees and giving thanks. Dear I said, I don't know what I have done to deserve this but I am so grateful.

The 18th of August 2009, he woke up in the morning and told his wife he was feeling hot. She turned around to take a glass. He bent over to touch her hand and he was gone. Without a sound.

The doctors say this is impossible. Liver cancer is extremely painful and his was a very aggressive one. But I know it happened because I was there every day. How it happened I don't know. I am only humbled and very grateful that I was allowed to be part of this miracle.”

Sophia Rouchotas Toronto, ON

“It is with my deepest gratitude that I give you my simple but truly amazing story and how meeting through a car accident can change your life. I was 52 when I had my stroke in April 2008.  I originally went home alone in a wheelchair. I have left side weakness from head to toe and have been doing much physiotherapy since then.  I was re-admitted to hospital in August 2009 for what they thought may be another stroke.  Again, they could find no reason after doing numerous x-rays, scans, etc.. From September ’09  to June this year I have suffered migraines on an almost daily basis.  In May my car was rear-ended and needing repairs so I went to get a rental car.  This is where the story begins…..  I met Jessica! During our conversation I mentioned migraines. She said “You have to see my Mom”.  And so I did. Melanye Walker has changed my life! After 4-6 weeks of Bowen treatments, Melanye had my migraines gone!  How great is that! I tried acupuncture, 2 different kinds of chiropractors, Heller work, 4 medications, visits with neurologists, doctors, hospitals, it was Bowen therapy that worked! We then have gone on to treat my TMJ and my jaw has improved so much I no longer wear my night guard, which I had been wearing since April 2009. I also have suffered with nausea and motion sickness pretty much every day for 2 ½ years. I was taking organic ginger gravol when driving, when I was a passenger in the car, ferry, plane.  I experienced nausea when I went swimming, cycling, horse back riding, movie theatres, anywhere there was bright lights, lots of noise or motion. Yesterday, I was a passenger on a 6 hour car trip and on our return trip I did not take any gravol and I was fine.   Again I have to credit Bowen therapy for helping me get rid of this daily frustrating and debilitating nausea. We continue to work on my left side for my shoulder, arm, hand, leg and foot, the range of motion is steadily improving.   We regret now not having video recorded in the earlier stages so we could compare the progress. I also can say how much my energy level and my overall sense of well being have improved.  I am actively walking, swimming, biking and horseback riding with greater ease, and without nausea. If you have tried everything and got no results, try Bowen therapy!  I have never written a testimonial before so it is my privilege to share this true story and support Bowen therapy. Melanye Walker is so kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about Bowen therapy and offers so much hope for anyone who suffers from life’s ailments.  I have recommended her to friends and acquaintances and they too have had great results in a very short period of time. And so, in closing, I believe Melanye loves her work, and frankly, I love the results!”

Patty Conrad, Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

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